Bunker sampler (10 inch)

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Drip-type bunker sampler of 10-inch diameter.
SKU: FG-K1-130-KW


Sampler ring and fuel sampler 10-inch diameter (1)


Drip-type bunker sampler of 10-inch diameter, used during the bunkering process in order to ensure that new oils or fuels being bunkered have a representative sample taken for laboratory testing, to comply with industry requirements. 

Fully manufactured from stainless steel, all products comply with ISO 3170, BS 3195, ASTM D 4057, ISO TR 13729 Singapore Bunkering Procedure. Type approved by LR & DNV-GL.

Case/packaging size L=530, W=340, H=40 mm
Weight (incl. case and packaging) 7.1 kg